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Belonging Brant

Who We ARE

Inspired by Befriend, a project based out of Perth, Australia, Belonging Brant's goal is to incite the creation of community groups around common interests. We work to create relationships and connections in the spirit of friendship and community. This project is geared towards supporting everyone in the community, with a focus on individuals who are isolated or feeling lonely.


Our mission is to increase the sense of belonging in Brantford and Brant County. We want to create a community where all feel like they can belong.

HOw We Do it

01. We reach out!
02. We listen!
03. We connect!

This organization is based around community or citizen-led initiatives. We can only reach our goals with your help! We want your ideas, your thoughts, and, most importantly, your gifts.


We are consistently working on new events, groups, clubs, and projects that support belonging. Check out our events page for more information. Have your own idea? Contact us.

Our Support


Belonging Brant in the community...

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