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2024 ABCD Symposium

Join us for a day of discovering on Saturday May 25!

Symposium 2024 Poster (FINAL)
Symposium 2024 Schedule (FINAL)

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Please note, as we continue to develop this free community event,

details may be changed or added.

We appreciate your kindness as we navigate the 2024 ABCD Symposium!

Images from the 2023 Symposium

All About ABCD

What is ABCD and how does it effect the community? Read all about it below!

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What is ABCD?

ABCD stands for Asset Based Community Development.

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Each person has their own set of strengths and passions. These strengths and passions are called their gifts. Your gift can be difficult to recognize, but we all have one!

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ABCD, simply put, is an approach focused on community building and development. 

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Your Gift.

Not sure what your gift is? 

Tip: If you had to teach one person or a group of people something what would it be? Why?

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The People.

This approach is centred around the people within the community. The idea here is that the people make the community. 

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Connecting these gifts to other people, groups, and organizations is the main part of this process. This step supports the development of the community.

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