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Sharing gifts and cultivating relationships since October 2020. Belonging Brant is funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

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contribute to creating communities where we all belong! This includes: relationship building, community connecting, fostering belonging, asset mapping, and more.

Special Announcement

BB Announcement

Belonging Brant was formed in October 2020, funded by a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation as an initiative of Community Living Brant. Our goal has always been to connect community members with like-minded individuals, groups, initiatives, and associations using an asset-based community development framework, and, if we couldn’t make that connection, we came alongside individuals to start their own community efforts to increase belonging and decrease isolation. This work was especially important during the pandemic, and we are so proud of the efforts from community to build connections with each other and support others in such a difficult time.

The grant funded three years of amazing and important initiatives, groups, and connections and we are full of pride and gratitude for all who made these things possible. A goal of our work in asset-based community development was always to fade away from these projects and let citizens take the lead. As our funding comes to an end, we are confident that everything we’ve been working toward is coming to fruition, and we are so excited to see what comes next in the communities built by you!

As we transition throughout December, please know that 20+ citizen-led groups and initiatives will still be running in the new year on their own. Some things might look a little different, but we have confidence that everything will go as it should and change and growth is always a welcomed part of life! We hope that you will continue to support the awesome things that Community Living Brant’s Belonging Brant initiative has been so fortunate to come alongside these past three years.

Community Living Brant’s Belonging Brant initiative could not have been as successful as it was without your hard work, dedication, participation, and support. Thank you for being such a beautiful and fantastic community. Our hearts are full.

Funded by the
Ontario Trillium Foundation. 

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2023 by Belonging Brant

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